Reading Polish literature challenge

There are some quotes that every Polish knows. One of them is:

A niechaj narodowie wżdy postronni znają, iż Polacy nie gęsi, iż swój język mają.

Translation: Let it by all and sundry foreign nations be known that Poles are no Anserinae — they have a language of their own.

These words were written by Mikołaj Rej (1505-1569) one of the first Polish poets/writers writing in Polish (instead of in Latin) and the very first Polish writer that was deliberately using Polish and promoting it in Polish literature. Now it must seem strange, that Polish literature was initially not written in Polish.

The above quote is written in the old Polish. Nowadays we don’t talk like that, but the meaning should be clear to every Polish. 😉  The “gęsi” refers not to the “goose” (noun) but is used as an adjective and refers to Latin language, which for Rej sounded like gaggling.

Why I’m using this quote? Not only to let you know about a famous Polish author. I’m going to take part in a challenge! A challenge on reading (and reviewing) Polish literature!

Continue reading if you’re interested in the challenge.

I’m going to take part in a challenge “Polacy nie gęsi, czyli czytajmy polską literaturę!” For those of my readers who aren’t reading in Polish, I’ll brief you on the rules. The challenge last from 01.10.2013 to 30.09.2014. During that time, you MUST read 12 books by Polish author. The genre doesn’t matter. On the participant’s blog there must be a review of the book. You should inform the author of the challenge about the book you’ve read (give link to your post and a number of points). The post has to be tagged “Polacy nie gęsi” or otherwise pointing (f. ex. banner) to the challenge.

This is a rivalry challenge. Every month there is a kind of additional requirements to earn points for reading a specific book. You can earn maximum 3 points for reading a specific book.

In November the requirements (granting 1 point each) are:

  • Polish author (so it means you always get at least 1 point for reading a book in this challenge).
  • Surname starting with “K”.
  • “Revenge” as a topic.

The person who earns the most points by the end of it, will get a small gift. I’m not into it for a prize, just for the fun of it.

Does anybody of my non-Polish readers wants to take part in that? The challenge is about reading Polish authors, not books in Polish, so you could join it. The review doesn’t need to be in Polish either. I’m joining it with my English reviews.

Anybody want to take up the challenge alongside me? 😉 There are Polish books translated into English.


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