Currently listening (13.11.2013)

For a week or two, I’ve been in a mood for a European music. I’ve been especially listening to some Balkanian or former Yugoslavian music. I got some music from Bosnia & Herzegovina, Serbia, Croatia and Montenegro.

Continue reading to see (and hear) which former Yugoslavian artists and songs I’m listening to.

Some of the artists and songs I’m currently listening to.

Bosnian musicians

Al’ Dino

The song is called Kopriva, from his third album also called Kopriva (2004).

Alma Čardžić

Alma Čardžić took part in Eurovision Song Contest in 1994 and 1997. Below is the song Navikla na ljubav.

Mostar Sevdah Reunion

Mostar Sevdah Reunion usually sevdalinka (a type of folk music) fused with contemporary music. Last year, before I get to know them, they actually had a concert in my town – Warsaw. That’s too bad, maybe next time! Here is a video from that concert. The song’s title is:  Čudna jada od Mostara grada.

Serbian musicians


The following song – Oprosti mi – is a song from 2008.

Marija Šerifović

This Serbian singer won the Eurovision Song Contest in 2007 with the song Molitva. Below is one of her 2008 songs – Vreme je da krenem.

Aleksandra Radović

I really like the instrumental parts and the way she sings in this song, Daleko od ociju.

Croatian musicians


His real name is Massimo Savić, which should help you looking for his songs and differentiate them from other Massimo’s. The song is called: Mi nismo sami.

Tony Cetinski

Check out his song Umirem 100 puta drevno.

Montenegrin musicians

Sergej Ćetković

A song called Ako te nije pronasla ljubav. Yet another song about love. 😉

How did you like the songs? Wanna hear more songs from the Balkans or former Yugoslavia region?


3 thoughts on “Currently listening (13.11.2013)”

  1. I love Yugo music and a few of those songs, its in my blood since my family is from there.. However i find that Bulgarian music is just great, i cant get enough of it! A lot of it is really upbeat and catchy, some of the better known singers include Preslava, Toni Storaro, Anelia, Andrea and so on a good place to look is youtube channels such as Diapasonrecords or PlanetaOfficial.. Bulgarian music really captures Slavic, Greek and Turkic elements in their songs, its testimony to the history of the country and region!

    1. Hi, Daniel. I don’t know Bulgarian music yet so thanks for the info. I’ll check them out and surely share with others in another post. Btw, nice blog!

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