Are trailers and ads in cinemas too long?

I was inspired to write this post by a surprising news. I’ve read that in one of Polish cinemas people that came to see a film “Walesa. Man of Hope” had to wait 45 minutes to see the film!

That’s long, isn’t it? Is it?

Continue reading to see if that’s a long time for ads in the cinemas… Or how it’s in different countries.

Length of Ads in Cinemas

A quick search in the internet tells me that too long ads in cinema before the film starts is nothing new. And not unusual in the cinemas around the world.

It happened in China. Newspapers report that Chinese woman sued cinema in 2010 for 20 minutes of ads before the film. Unfortunately I don’t know the outcome. Do you?

Another article reports about 25 minutes of ads in Australia.

British newspaper reported that Skyfall viewers had to see 30 minutes of ads. Another example tells about 50 minutes of ads in UK.

I’m usually late for the film when I go to cinema in Poland. It’s so habitual that I was even late in Indonesian cinemas. With all the “rubber time” and everything and everybody being late there, I expected at least 15 minutes of ads. Being late even 5 minutes meant the film already started. I had that few times before I finally got once in time. To my surprise, I got to see just ONE ad. Only one ad of cosmetics! One ad of a product that had a product placement one minute later. No trailers, no more ads. I was in shock!

How long are the cinema ads in your country?


Type of Ads in Cinemas

Is the main problem the length of ads and trailers? Or is the problem a type of ads? Like cosmetics, beer, cars, and other things not related to films or cinemas? I really dislike such ads. But the type of ads I hate the most is the “anti-piracy campaign”. I mean, come on, I didn’t pay the money for the cinema ticket to see that I shouldn’t download illegally film from the internet.

Do you mind the ads in cinema or do you dislike a certain type of ads before the film? What kind of ads are shown in the cinemas?

What do you think? Share it in the comments.


Walesa. Man of Hope

I think that the film “Walesa. Man of Hope” needs some coverage. As a thank-you for the inspiration.

“Walesa. Man of Hope” is the newest film by world-know Polish director Andrzej Wajda. The main character is Lech Walesa, ex-president of Poland and a Noble Peace Award laureate in 1983. People in Gdańsk Shipyard are starting to stand up against the communist regime. The regime has to fall…

Still unsure about watching it? How about reading a review of “Walesa. Man of Hope”?

Are you going to see this film? Or have you already watched “Walesa. Man of Hope”? Have you seen any of Andrzej Wajda‘s films? What do you think of them? Share your thoughts and opinions in comments.


4 thoughts on “Are trailers and ads in cinemas too long?”

  1. In Croatia, there is about 20 to 25 minutes of ads before the movie starts. I really wouldn’t mind watching 20 minutes of trailers for upcoming movies, or an ad about new services offered by the cinema. Some high-end, quality commercials would be ok. However, mayonnaise, chocolates, diapers and other random commercials of poor quality and imagination are not something I wish to see on the big screen.

      1. There was a month or two when they showed us those “you wouldn’t steal a car” ads – but they’ve completely stopped. I guess there was an anti-piracy campaign, they spent money on TV and cinema ads and that was it. Thank god. I also hate when they advertise something for children before the screening of a movie which is NOT for children/family. I hate when they show a complete lack of targeted marketing knowledge. It irritates me to no end.

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