Currently reading (05.07.2013)

Special Needs by K.A. MerikanCurrently reading:

Special Needs (part 1) by K.A. Merikan (a joint project of 2 girls – Kat and Agnes). A male/male romance with one of the protagonists being a wheel-chair user and the other his caretaker. Don’t forget lies on top of other lies as well. 😉 Funny!

First two chapters can be read at K.A. Merikan’s website. When you’ll like it (I got to chapter 6 – it’s good so far! and knowing the authors it’ll be good till the end) the ebook can be bought on or Smashwords.

Today ends the special giveaway of the Special Needs. Try your luck and have fun reading it.

Look for more information about K.A. Merikan or the Special Needs book on their website or Goodreads.


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