Mural (original title: 畫壁, Huà Bì) is a 2011 Chinese fantasy film. Directed by Gordon Chan, who was also a director for the film Painted Skin. Mural is based on the supernatural story written by Pu Songling (1640-1715).

Young scholar Zhu Xiaolian (Deng Chao) is travelling with his servant to the capital to take an exam. A bandit (Colin Chou) failed robbing them and during the run and catch they enter a temple. In this temple there is a strange mural of fairies. It connects to the different world, where only women live, ruled by the queen. There is just one man, a shapeshifter guard of the Queen (Yan Ni). Falling in love is a punishable offence, and suitors are uninvited guests which will face death.

First, only the scholar enter this world. Having remorse for putting a lady in danger, he goes back, this time with his servant and the bandit. They are offered ladies as wives (even more than one is possible) and chance to settle down there. Will it be so easy and carefree? Is it a Heaven or Hell?

You can see the trailer in here:

but  I think that the video for the theme song is more interesting:

I bought the Indonesian DVD. For the price of 59.000 Rp I got just a DVD, with Indonesian and English subtitles.


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