World Book Day 2013

23rd April is celebrated as the World Book Day. UNESCO designated the date to World Book and Copyright Day in 1995. Now, I’m a bit ambivalent as to celebrate a copyright day because of all the wrongdoings of companies that hold the copyrights, so I’ll just focus on the books part.

This year, the capital of the world for the World’s Books Day is Bangkok (Thailand).

On 23rd April public institutions, various organisations, libraries, bookstores and people are even stronger promoting readership. The celebrations include: meeting with authors, discussions, exchange of book, public reading of books, seminars or even special offers in bookstores.

Below you can see some of the celebrations for the World Book Day on 23rd April 2013:

Chennai (India) – an article about the promotion of Tamil books this week.

Łódź (Poland) – article in Polish about left-wing party (SLD) giving out books in the country-wide action “Books instead of marihuana”. It’s said that 1 tone of books were given out in just 20 minutes!

Skopje (Macedonia)


Great Britain



My celebrations were just reading a book with short steampunk stories. And visiting a bookstore in the university. How did you, your city or your country celebrated the World Book Day? Share your experience in the comments.


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