Currently listening to B’z

For the last few days I mostly listen to B’z, a Japanese rock band. Just a rock band, their best asset is music, not how they look at stage (but I find them hot! anyway). They released their first album – Thousand Wave – in May 1988. (sic!)

It’s also one of my favourite bands. Great music, great texts and great vocal & guitar. I could buy any of their CDs without pre-listening and be sure the songs will be to my liking. Actually, I did so few times already.

Currently I’m listening to the album B’z The Best “ULTRA Pleasure”.

Do you know B’z? If yes, what do you think of their music? Do you like the CD I mentioned? Or do you prefer the solo projects of Koshi Inaba (vocalist) and Tak Matsumoto (guitar)?


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