Lately I’ve been playing with a website that you might know about already. It can be that you’re using it or your friend on Facebook is using it.

My friends on FB used that, but I was reluctant. I’ve looked for few books to read, Indonesian books to add, and they were on Goodreads with reviews. The lists with books were also pretty informing. In the end, I’ve decided to give this website a try.

After you rate 20 or more books, the Goodreads algorithm will recommend other books to read for you. I can’t comment on that, I’ve read a lot of books in my life, but I can’t review them out of my head like that. So I need to read 20 books soon. 😉

If anybody would like to befriend me on GR, this is the profile of For Culture’s Sake blogger. Just please write me a message that you’re a reader of my blog. Thank you in advance.

When I’ll be feeling more competent about Goodreads, I’ll write a review of it.

I don’t intend to write a full-fledged reviews on Goodreads. Long, insightful reviews will be on this blog only.

If it sounds interesting, just check Goodreads out for yourself.


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