Currently Reading

This week (11-17 March 2013, 11th week ofthe year), I’m reading 2 books – academic on the linguistic topic (in English) and short stories for children (in Indonesian).

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  • Culture Bound – Bridging the cultural gap in language teaching, edited by Joyce Merrill Valdes. Borrowed from UPTP2B library in UNS university. Written in English.
  • Misteri Topeng Petaka by Rasyid Akbar. A series of detective short stories for children. Written in Indonesian. A book that I own. This book will be read for a long time, as while I’m reading it, I’m also trying to translate it all (and learn the language).

Let me explain you why I write the language by the books when it should be clear from the title. When it comes to books published in Indonesia, they often have names in foreign languages, but their text is in Indonesian. Other languages are written for the people who don’t know the target language.

Did you read these books? What do you think about them?


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