Our Book Discussion Club – the decisions

Last Wednesday evening a four of us, me included, meet for a first meeting (aka meeting 0) to discuss about our book discussion club in Solo. We talked about the rules for the book club, as mentioned earlier.

The most important thing is the date of meetings. It’ll be on Sunday, twice a month, after the date of 1st and 15th of each month, from 14:00-16:00. The next meeting will be on 17th March. I know some of you aren’t originally from Solo, but so are the girls who decided this. But… if enough people will want a meeting during the week in the evening, we can make an additional meeting one a month.

We’ll change the place of meeting every time. When the rainy season ends, we will also meet outdoor (like in a park).

We’ll be reading books or short stories in English or in Indonesian. There won’t be any teenlit, comics or books related to computers read as a group, as there are girls who dislike it. We will talk about novels but also non-fiction (including motivation books). We already decided on our activities for the next 2 meetings (more in the next post). The four of us said we’re ok with buying books, but I know one person would prefer to borrow them. You don’t have to own the books, borrowing is ok. I’d prefer to borrow books too, but if the books won’t be in the library, buying them is an option.

Our meetings will have different forms. We’ll make presentations about books, we’ll discuss some books or we may even read together a short story and discuss it afterwards.

We decided that everybody will present a book on a given theme (short info about 1 book) and we will vote on the book to read next.

The book discussion club is open for any girl as long as she’s able to read and talk in English (and read in Indonesian). You can invite your friends, no matter the country she’s from.


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