I’ve Watched in February 2013

Similaily to the post where I introduces books which I’ve read last month, I’ll list the films I’ve watched in February 2013.

One film was a rewatch (sf), other two were newly watched (drama, thriller). Every film was from a different country: Great Britain, Indonesia and USA.

  • Perahu Kertas (Paper Boat) is a 2012 film (first part) based on a novel of Dee, an Indonesian writer. The main heroine is Kugy, a girl wishing to be a fairy tales writer. The film portrays the life (studies, relationships, work) of Kugy and her friends during a time of few years.
  • Mind Hunters is a 2004 thriller film about FBI-profilers-to-be. Their final test is on the isolated island. What should be just a game of brains turns out life threatening experience. Suddenly they are getting killed one by one…
  • Doctor Who: The Next Doctor is a special Christmas 2008 episode of British science fiction  TV series Doctor Who. The setting is London, Christmas Eve, 1851. The Doctor (David Tennant) learns that Cybermen (the race of brutal cyborgs) are undertaking Earth invasion. His unexpected allies are: a man (David Morrissey) claiming to be “The Doctor” as well (titled as “The Next Doctor”) and a feisty lady Rosita Farisi. Being a fan of Doctor Who, I’ve watched it before, but I just couldn’t resist buying an Indonesian VCD when I saw it. 😉

Information for my friends (currently in Solo): I own the DVD (Perahu Kertas) and VCD of these films so I can lend them to you.


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