I’ve Read in February 2013

I want this blog to help me keep tracking what I read, watched, etc. I’ll post a short info on these books now, with a review someday later on.

I’ve read only short stories book, especially when you consider one was manga (Japanese comic) and one was legends.

First two books were borrowed from UNS UPTP2B library, the other two I own and can lend, if somebody is interested.

  • A Northern Childhood by George Layton. A book of short stories about a life of a boy in 1950s in Northern England. I’ve read a “New Century Readers” edition. These readers are educational editions of a selection of the most popular modern literature, and are ideal for 11-14 year-olds of all abilities (or so they claim on the back cover ;)). I’d also add, good for book discussion club (imho).
  • A Dip in the Poole – a short story anthology edited by John Stevens. A collection of 18 short stories of different authors from various countries without any common theme or style. Each story is followed by activities (including points for discussions).
  • Have a Good Night (vol. 1) by Sayaka Yamazaki. Japanese manga for adults (no sex scenes in there) whose main hero is a 28-years old lady left by her husband. Despite having an English title, it’s the Indonesian version. I’ve read it earlier, but I came back to it in February.
  • Dongeng Nusantara (Nusantara Folktale) – a bilingual Indonesian and English “graphic novel” book with 3 Indonesian tales: Timun Mas, Malin Kudang, Sangkuriang. I’ve read it earlier, but I came back to it in February.

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