Our Book Discussion Club Rules – discussion

As I wrote earlier (in a post explaining what is book discussion club) we should work out on some rules. If we set them now there should be no problems later on.

If you’d like to read about setting up rules, you can check the links below. You don’t have to do that, you can just skip to the next paragraph then.

Please remember that nobody expects 100% attendance from you.

First, let’s start with time.

  1. How often will we meet? Once a month, twice a month, every 3 weeks, every first Monday of the month, etc. Once a month would be a minimum, I think.
  2. How long will we meet? I think 2 hours is minimum for a meeting. Want more?
  3. When do you have free time? State the day (Monday to Sunday) and time (2 hours minimum). Nana and Klara, we can skip our lesson for a book club, no problem. You will still learn. 😉

Second, the place.

  1. Where do we meet? One selected place or changing every time? When do we settle on that?
  2. Do you want to meet in a cafe or restaurant? Park (a picnic like club meeting)? Different place? (suggest)

Third, books.

  1. What kind of books would you like to read?
  2. What kind of books do you dislike to read?
  3. We’re going to read books (may be comics as well) in English and in Indonesian.
  4. Can you buy books? Do you prefer to borrow them from the library or other girls?
  5. When we decide on next books? It may be good to choose the next 2 books in advance. Or more?
  6. How do we select the books?

Fourth, meetings.

  1. Please, please don’t be late.
  2. We will held the meetings in English.
  3. Girls only.
  4. In the beginning, we will have some snacks and drinks. Do we want hand-made, bought in a shop or a mixture?
  5. We can read one book for a meeting, present some books we’ve read to others, have a discussion related to specific theme. We’ll do them all, from time to time.
  6. Do we want a person to lead the meetings? One same person or different person every time?
  7. How to discuss the book? Will we just share our thoughts or do we prepare questions? How do we prepare questions?

Did I miss anything? Would you like to add something?

Please write down your thoughts in the comments below.


2 thoughts on “Our Book Discussion Club Rules – discussion”

    1. Sure, I know… But you didn’t reply the questions 😉 There are also some things to discuss and I’ll be grateful for the input cause I don’t want to be the dictator. I want it to be fun for people. 🙂

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