What is a book discussion club?

A book discussion club is a group of people who meet to discuss a book or books that they have read and express their opinions, likes, dislikes etc. (…) Book discussion clubs may meet in private homes, libraries, bookstores, online forums, pubs and in cafes or restaurants over meals or drinks.

source: Wikipedia > Book discussion club

There are different types of book discussion clubs, depending on the readers, age, types of books, authors, themes, etc. The types are just a handy way to organise the book clubs, they are not absolute rules a book club should fit.

There are book clubs just for children, women, students (academic), related to one specific author (for example Stephen King) or a kind of authors (like just women writers, European writers), type of literature (fiction, non-fiction, romance, fantasy, etc.), topic (for example just books about love, war, self-improvement) or just about books from one publisher.

Meetings can be held in different places, can be accompanied by food or drinks, a little chat afterwards or before, etc. The book club should have rules for everybody to follow (so the situation is clear for all the readers) but the rules (can) depend on members. We can make it whatever we want, so it gives us a time to enjoy and not be a source of worry. After all, the point is to have a fun time talking together about books we’ve read. Ok, that’s the main point. 😉

It is said that the best group size is about 8-12 people. Can be more in club since not everybody will have the possibility to attend all the meetings. It’s ok, it’s natural – we all have our private lives and various duties.

We will set up all the rules soon enough – I’d like your input in that. I want this club to be limited to girls and using just English and that’s not going to change. More information about rules (you can discuss them in comments) will be provided in the next post.

One important information still – I want us to use this blog to set up next meetings, discuss places, selection of books, keep the raports what was read, discussed etc. It will be easier to have these things in one place (this blog) and this way everybody will be able to take part in it. I already see that exchanging sms (or talking in person) with every one of you is too chaotic and troublesome. I’ll also try to organise some discussion related to books for you here. 🙂

Sit comfortably and think about the book club you’d like the best. If you’d like to read some more about book discussion clubs, you can try also these sites:

Any comments so far?


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