Hello, For Culture’s Sake!

For Culture’s Sake, cause it’s a thing that is driving people, societies and countries.

I don’t “believe” in high culture and mass culture or primitive culture and advanced culture. These are just labels, things that one can hardly understand. Why they should even matter? All the cultures are advanced, no matter how you look at it. Culture is so complicated, it can’t be primitive.

Is it interesting? Does it give me a good time? Was it worth the money? Did it make me think about something? These types of questions are important for me.

I’m not a critic, I just enjoy reading books, watching films, listening to the music and so on. Like many others.

I don’t like following the trends or usually USA-made “things”. Hearing somebody saying “This is really popular now.” or “This is a bestseller.” or “You have to check it out!” will likely put me off and against watching, reading or listening to it. I know my taste isn’t usually along the mainstream or popular culture, so I don’t bother. I also don’t like to be forced to do anything (“You must read/see that!” etc.), I prefer to choose for myself.

What I like? I like foreign cultures (especially Asian), languages, reading (tho it’s probably more of a compulsion), watching films and series (if they aren’t soap operas) and listening to the music (another compulsion of mine). I like mythologies and religion studies, playing RPG and computer games as well.

I know several foreign languages, Polish being my native one. I can promise writing about things that weren’t published in Polish or English. The world is too vast and beautiful to stick out just to one language. One can miss a hell of interesting things this way.

Currently I’m living in Indonesia. Starting in March me and my Indonesian girl friends will enjoy offline book club meetings. This blog will serve also as a support for the club.

Whatever are your reasons for coming in here, feel free to stay longer, read and have a discussion.


2 thoughts on “Hello, For Culture’s Sake!”

  1. Cześć, jak się masz? Mówię trochę po polsku :]

    By the way, I am Indonesian (sundanese), but really love Slavic culture. I am from West Java and now live in Jakarta. I am writing blogs too about Slavic culture, languages, etc., and also about Russia (because I am student in Department Russian Literature). My focus blog is in http://jiwa-slavia.blogspot.com

    Why I am here? Your post on goodreads bring me here 😀

    1. Cześć. 🙂
      Baik-baik saja. 😉 Dan kamu?
      Wow. And some time ago I was speaking with my friend that I’d be surprised meeting an Indonesian knowing Polish language. I’m surprised. Wow. I like Russian language too, been learning it but not using for years now.
      I’m gonna check your blog later, sounds interesting, but I’m afraid my Indonesian might not be enough for understanding it. I hope we will be able to meet before I go back to Poland in the end of July. See you.

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